Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Emma

Happy Birthday Darling girl. Emma is 14 today.
We had a big clean up inside and outside yesterday. Emma was amazing. She was cleaning cobwebs and wiping cupboards ( I didn't even ask her to). Rob and James mowed the lawns and put the tent up all ready for Emma's friends arriving at 5 o'clock. Twelve 14 year olds. First she opened some gorgeous pressies. Mostly jewellery, clothes, cash and tolietries. Then they went down to the beach for a swim. Then an evening of food, DVD's and Singstar. They had a great time. 5 of them couldn't stay the night but the rest did. They slept in the tent, well I don't think they slept much. It's 9.15 and I haven't seen them yet. And today they'll hopefully just spend most of it at the beach after breakfast. They'll be picked up at 4 o'clock today. Great fun and a great bunch of girls. They were so funny last night on Singstar.


Ruth said...

happy birthday Emma, sounds like a cool way to spent time with friends

dallas said...

Happy Birthday Emma!! I've a February babe too, cept she's 4! Stunning eyes on that girl, Lianne!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Emma.
Sounds like an awesome time was had by all, i hope that i am as close to Jenna when she is 14 as you are to Emma (and James).

karen said...

happy birthday to Emma (I thought it was last week when you went shopping ... I was too early!)
Sounds like a great birthday beach day.

Rach H said...

wow Feb is a popular mth for birthdays
Happy Belated Birthday Emma for yesterday.
Sounds like it was a pretty cool party. I would love one like that myself.........LOL - one prob I'm a winter baby!!!
Hey Lianne loving your LO's for Grassroots they are just awesome + love their pp's.
I'll take you up on challenge just about finished a LO + will go + pull out that lovely CM page!!!!
Hope you are enjoying your Waitangi Day!!

Chris Millar said...

Hi Lianne, Happy b'day to Emma, yep, all the good people are born in FEB!LOL Thanks for the b'day wishes on my blog too!

I've taken your 'first layout' challenge finally!

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

Hey that many teenagers is bound to be great Bday for your baby. She is a stunning young woman!

Delys said...

Glad she had a great day Lianne! I love singstar myself ...not that I can sing but its fun anyway!

Mel said...

What fun, sounds like a great birthday celebration. Isn't Singstar fun? We have used ours so much it no longer goes (I think the adults broke it - not the kids!)