Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Online Journal

So its the 1st of Feb already. I think summer may finally be here. Who knows. All I know is its the worst I can remember.
I am really gutted I don't get to post much on my blog. Every day I think of something to put on here but just never find the time. It can be done though, because I did it for my birthday month.
So lets try another month. This month. A daily post. And if I can do it I will continue to TRY and do it. I want to use it as an online journal, which is the whole idea anyway isn't it. Most days I take photos so there should always be a photo or 2 to post and I am playing around with arty stuff too most days so shouldn't be too hard to find something to post. Its just the loading and resizing of the photos that takes time.
So todays post.
I love that Rob, James and Emma all went out for a surf together this day. Felt so good to see them participating in such a cool thing as a family. LOVED it!! I sat on the beach and watched. Surf wasn't great that day but just a bit of fun and getting into the water.

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