Saturday, February 25, 2012

Go away wind!!

It has gotten very windy today.
We have a busy month coming up with the Hyundai Tour Longboard competition coming to the Port Waikato 2nd and 3rd March. It is the final event of the tour and has been held in Port Waikato for the last few years. ALWAYS a good weekend ending with a fantastic party with an awesome band. Looking forward to this years. So we are fully booked in the cabins and units, just tent sites left for that weekend.

Then some group bookings after that scattered over the month, busy, busy busy.
And in between all that is Robs 50th.

Managed to squeeze in making some homemade tomato sauce today. YUMMO! Easy peasy to make too.
(I only had 2.5 kilos of tomatoes so I halved this recipe)
Bright Red Tomato Sauce
5 kilos tomatoes
1.3 kg brown sugar
6 tbsp salt
3 tsp ground allspice
300ml vinegar

Wash and cut up tomatoes. Put all ingredients in a pot and boil for approx 3 hours. Stir frequently. When cooked put through colander in small amounts, rubbing through till you only have the skins left. Pour into bottles that have been washed and heated. Enjoy!

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