Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Month Day 29

Florence and the Machine CD today. Some good listening to be done today while we work.

Our local Port Waikato Xmas Parade was held on Saturday. It was a beautiful hot sunny day and we spent the day preparing our Port Waikato TOP 10 Holiday Park float. Not a lot of thought went into it really, we just loaded it up with everything we could think of in a camping theme. Thats what we do. Added some tinsel and we were off. Threw lollies to the kids. Though I think most of the kids in Port Waikato were in the parade lol. Still its a great community thing and we get together at the end for prize giving and a BBQ and then we head home. Just in time for the weather to turn to crap.

Santa on horseback
We all assemble at the local Port Store
 The parade ahead of us
 The parade behind us
 The end of the parade
 Almost given away all our balloons

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