Thursday, December 01, 2011

Birthday Month Day 11 and 10 years ago

10 years ago today we shifted to Port Waikato. We've had our ups and downs but this beautiful place has kept us going and now we feel so lucky to be in a place we want to be in more ways than one.
Look how beautiful it is. Surrounded by either the sea or the river or countryside.
 Sunset Beach on a beautiful flat day, not so beautiful for the surfers, but definitely for the swimmers and fishermen.

 Port Waikato TOP 10 Holiday Park

 Houses at the beach end of Port Waikato

Holiday Park and our house before we put the new roof on eeekkkk.

Todays treat is for the teatotallers out there. This beautiful Earl Grey tea is the best I've tried. I bought it at Chocolate Orange in Warkworth but I'm sure you can find it elsewhere. If you like Earl Grey tea I'm sure you'll love this.

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