Monday, November 08, 2010

Going to heights

Photos from the weekend. We did this walk up the Sunset Beach Hill at Port Waikato. We've lived here for nearly 9 years and never done it. We finally did it this weekend thanks to my friend for encouraging us. Was so worth it. Look at that view. This first one is half way up.
This is the top, though you can carry on down the ridge much further. Next time.


Vicky said...

awesome leaane, is that the one the gliders fly off?

lianne said...

Yes, the one the gliders fly off. It's pretty high!

carol said...

Awesome view from up there.went past your place the other weekend,but it was in the evening so didnt call in to say hi incase you were in your jim jams lol

sue said...

Wow, Lianne! Have just been visiting your blog and sooo love all your layouts, halloween things and awesome photos!
All the best,
Sue x