Monday, November 15, 2010

Cool sites and doilies

Whenever I find a cool site I email the link to myself so I can find it again and save the emails in a folder. So I went through the emails and added some of the links to my sidebar, well quite a few really. Check them out if you want, there are some very cool ones there - under 'Cool Sites' and 'So Inspired by'. Start at the end for the latest ones.
One in particular is Stumble Upon. It helps you discover lots of different sites that are based around your interests. You tell them what you are interested in and click the button and it just keeps bringing up all these cool sites. I have found some great sites through them. It's quite addictive.

Some photos:
Since having more time at home I have been finding things. I came across this cute beaded doily cover I made years ago, well I crocheted the beads around the edge of the doily. Cute huh!
And these are a little pile of doily motifs cut from an old pillow case, then I hand dyed them. Cute huh!
This lovely bunch of flowers my neighbour gave me brightened my day last weekend.

Look closely at this bonfire photo from Guy Fawkes last weekend that my friend took. Can you see the 2 chairs and a swingball pole?

TFL lianne

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