Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hi :))

Yes I've left it a bit long again. But I do think about it every day, blogging that is, but the day goes by and I'm too busy and it just gets too late.
Anyway, I got the latest Up2Scrap in the mail yesterday and it's COOL AS. Congrats to everyone in it, great stuff. If you don't already get this mag, you must go out there and find it or SUBSCRIBE, but be in quick cause last month they sold out fast.

Just thought I'd show you one of my layouts in it. My brief was 'Autumn'. I didn't really have any Autumn photos so I was very kindly leant some by 2 lovely ladies. So here's the layout using Lesley's photos. Unfortunately the colours are quite pale in the scan but if you get the mag you can see it better. There's hidden journalling under the flower centre and the wire and beads are wrapped around one of those Scotch tie downs (covered in Kindyglitz) which I used in all my layouts - quite fun when you actually start thinking of different ways to use them. Will show you more tomorrow.
And the latest NZ Dare challenge is to 'Scrap a Childhood photo under 10'. Here's my layout. So get on over there and leave some LOVE and join in the fun.

And Jo and I have something up our sleeves so keep an eye out for something soon OK.


scrapgeek said...

Just picked up the mag today - looks great. Love the layouts :)

Penny said...

What pretty layouts :) It's nice when you can rescue photos like the one of you when you were a girl. We've managed to resurrect some old ones too.

enyada said...

Ooh I love the photos... and the lo work beautifully with them. Still love your work.

LesleyC said...

Looks fantastic Lianne. You make those photos look soooo good!