Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm so hyped ...

from my weekend at SENZ. It was great meeting the people behind the emails and forum posts and cathing up with friends.
Loved meeting and chatting to Steph from Up2Scrap and Kelly R and talking about fun stuff. Cool to see my ole mates Nic and Lucy and catching up with the ever inspiring No 8 Wired girls. Met the ladies from Paper Pesto, very cool kits. And always love talking to Lisa, she always inspires me. Enjoyed a nice dinner with the ladies from Create, heaps of laughs.
And thanks Tanya for the big hugs, great to see you again.
Oh and my classes went GREAT. I really enjoyed teaching this weekend.

So do you want to know what Jo and I are up to. Can you guess? Check back tomorrow to find out.
And we're still taking Scrapcamp regos but not for much longer, so if you want info or a rego form email me.

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Penny said...

Bother - missed you at SENZ... I did see you but you were so busy I was going to come back. And then you must have been teaching. Never mind!