Sunday, April 29, 2007

Freestyle share

Now that its almost all over, I thought I'd share some of the cool stuff I did at Freestyle. I loved this weekend so much and I have gone home and finished all but one project and that will be finished soon.
Anyway here are my Kim Henkel 'Random photos that make me Smile' and Emily Falconbridges 'Shiny Happy People' class layouts. It's weird how the scan seems to have washed out the colour of the bottom pipe cleaner on my Kim Henkel layout, it's actually a nice grass green.
Anyway I totally adored these classes, can't wait to have more of a play with these techniques. I love the idea of Kim's layout of adding all those little photos, so effective, and I love pipe cleaners, I have a huge handful in a glass in my scraproom sitting on the table, the colours are so vibrant and cool. I've bought some ink too and I am going to be dyeing up a storm on paper towels.


scrapgeek said...

Oh they look very cool Lianne :)

Donna said...

Very very cool! I love the colours of the dyed towels. I also love your HS lift.