Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Freestyle Tutors ROCK!!

What a FANTASTIC weekend. Thank you so much to the Kiwiscraps team for putting on such a fab weekend and bringing to NZ such inspiring and LOVELY ladies.

The highlight for me was attending Emily's Wall Art class on Sunday. It was her last class of the weekend and just a small one. What a great project, in fact I loved both the classes I did of hers. Right up my alley. I won't say too much, just that if you like her stuff you will absolutely love her classes and her. So she sat with us and we all just chatted away while we worked our way through the project. Just awesome, she is lovely.

I also LOVED Kim Henkels classes. What a beautiful person she is and such a great tutor. As most of you know I love playing with pipe cleaners (ala Kim Henkel) so was really looking forward to her classes and I loved them. Felt, stitching and pipe cleaners, YUM YUM.

Tia Bennett, so much energy and enthusiasm, so much so that I wanted to go straight to the room on Saturday night and finish the layout we started in her class. Gorgeous layouts. Textural feasts.

On Friday night we attended a fun crop night of make n takes run by the international tutors. What a great night with lots of fun techniques learnt. And my fav was Rhonna Farrers using up scraps of paper and felt and buttons etc, so cool. Loved the result of all the projects put together. Can't show you a pic now cause my bag with it in got mixed up with everyones stuff and has ended up in Papamoa at Yolandes, LOL.

Had a great time on Saturday night cropping in our room with Yolande, Delys, Sheryl, Michelle, Eileen and Sandra. Thanks Delys for the drinks, LOL.

I'll leave you with a pic of me looking through Emily's Art Journal cards - so cool IRL. Also a pic of her in the process of making one.


karen said...

oh wasn't it the *best* CC ever! so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lianne, I have enjoyed reading your blog, and loved CC too! Would I be able to get a copy of your photo of Emily making my card? If you could send it to my email I would appreciate it. It isn't necessary to compress the photo or reduced it's size as I have broadband so I can receive large size files ok & they print better too. Thanks again, Jacqui (

Penny said...

It's great you all had fun :)

Tracy said...

Sounds like you were in heaven Lianne! It was super cool, kinda wish I could do it all over again!