Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wow, it's been a long time

So anyway I was just going to update my blog finally and also post this layout I had done for the Aussie Dares blog. I was just checking them out as I do regularly and what should I find but that I'd won the dare. How cool is that. I win these cool papers from Scrapapple. Can't wait. The dare was to dig up some old stuff from over a year ago, so I dug up some circle and heart clips and made them into flowers. Fun.

I've been away for awhile in Gisborne. We were there for New Years. A fun night of drinking and dancing. Had a great time catching up with friends. The weather wasn't too hot for Gisborne, in fact I've never ever known Gisborne so cold at that time of year. But we had a couple of days to work on the suntan. It was luverley.

I never make New Years resolutions because I never keep them but this year I'm determined to change a few things. So one of my resolutions was to make an effort to cook nice healthy meals. And so far so good.



Rach H said...

hey Lianne Happy New Year!!
Sounds like the break away was FUN!!
Congrats on your win - cool LO by the way!!
I see you have a new pic too of yourself - very nice.
keep up with healthy meals :)

karen said...

Happy New Year Lianne.
Love that LO ... spied it on the Aussie Dares site the other day!

Lara said...

a truly stunning layout Lianne! Gorgeous

Donna said...

Wahoo! Congrats on winning the dare. Clever idea!
I was in NPL & it was bloomin cold as well! My photos are not summery at all!
Love your new photo.

Tracey & Adrian said...

Well congrats on your layout with Aussie Dares, love the layout and the photo of your daughter! Hope everything is going good for the start of 2007!!

Michelle said...

Hey good to hear from you again... well done on the home cooked meals and the win!