Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy things

I'm doing this, it has to be the coolest idea I've seen for ages. Take a deck of cards - 52 of them = 52 weeks in the year. Alter one a week and create an awesome Art Journal. I'm so into this idea. I look around my scrapping room and see so many things I can use that I haven't used for ages, techniques I haven't done for ages or haven't tried yet. Can't wait. What a cool way to get into altered art if you haven't tried it yet. Creating on a small canvas is so much quicker and fun.So here's my first weeks card, I'm a week behind but working on week 2 now. The prompt for this one was 'Something you are proud of'. Thanks Emily for the inspiration. Can't wait till you come to NZ.

NZ Dare blog has a new dare. Go check it out and leave comments cause we love to hear from you.

Things that make me happy. Got this idea from Elsie Flannigan. I went around today and took snaps of the little things around me that make me happy. Here's some of them.

Emmas new Playboy lamp, the little Playboys catch the light and shine on the wall at night. Soooo cool.

My window decal I stuck on when we first shifted in. Love dolphins.
A picture on the wall of Rob and I when we were 19. A bit faded now.

Rob gave James and Emma these cool clocks for Xmas. They rock back and forward. The boy surfs and the girl dances. So cute.

My gardenMy Friday night happiness. Pretzels and Jim Beam and Diet Coke in my favourite Jim Beam and Diet Coke glass.

These kits make me happy. Here's a cool challenge I want to do too. Check it out.

Take some happy photos and link them here.


Janine said...

welcome back to blog land. Love looking at the things that make you happy, I love the simple things in life, might have to give this a go. I liked the concept of the altered cards, very cool.

Angela said...

OMG, Emma looks so much like you did when you were younger.

I love the idea of photos of things that make you happy, to entertain him I gave my camera to my 6 year old last holidays, and told him to take photos of things that he liked, there were some interesting ones, (and..... even a rude one).

Ruth said...

Oh cool that you are doing the art challenge too, look forward to seeing more. Love your card.
Love all the pics of your happy things, neat idea. Love that photo of you and Rob, gorgeous.

Rach H said...

loved seeing the things that make you happy :).....I like this idea + should do it too!!
Aren't the zingboom kits cool + I LOVE your LO for the challenge.
Love the altered cards + thats another cool weekly challenge too.......oh more things to scrap.

Faye said...

Gosh Lianne you are on a roll. I'm loving what you are creating. I'm also doing Em's challange and really enjoying it. I have made my own cards, not much bigger than a playing card. trying to use up some of those scraps and I'm making a special pouch to keep them all in. I'm really enjoying just that small little project every week.