Friday, January 18, 2013

A New Year already...

...and another year older.
Hello, Happy New Year and everything. Its been awhile I know, but I'm still here.
I truly have been busy though, its been a fairly good summer so we've been very busy at the Holiday Park, which is good. I have managed to fit in a couple of projects and some messing around.

I love the feathers I see on lots of projects around and esp the gold dipped ones so I thought I'd have a go at making some. I had a bag of very downy white feathers to play with, which weren't perfect, but here's how they turned out.
First I painted the tips with gold paint, then dipped them in glitter and put aside to dry. Not perfect but I quite like them.

 Lastly, look at my beautiful cactus flowers, they don't last long but they are quite magnificent when they open.
How cute is Rio's paw in the photo :) This flower had been blown off the plant.

Back soon. Happy Summer!!

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