Saturday, September 01, 2012

I'm Back

Had a little break but I'm back now. And it's my second favourite time of the year. Summer of course is my favourite, but I love spring too.

So we went away to Samoa. We had such an amazing trip with our friends Col and Kim. The weather was beautiful, I love the heat. Around 30 degrees every day, perfect. The evenings were beautiful, so still and warm, we were in heaven. Love the people, so friendly. So smily. :))
I won't bore you with heaps of photos but here's a few Instagram photos for a taste.
Relaxing in the pool at Aggie Greys Hotel when we arrived.
 Delicious Oka we had nearly every day. Fresh tuna in fresh coconut cream, Mmmmm.
Snorkelling at Palolo Deep, can't see the water just behind us unfortunately because of the light. Great snorkelling though.
 What we woke up to in the morning on Savaii. Glorious!!
 Swimming in front of our fale on Savaii.
 Our fale on Savaii. Just loved it so much.

Next time we won't take big heavy towels, you don't need them. Just a light towel to quickly dry you off and then let it dry in the heat. Shorts and singlets are good. Take an underwater camera for sure and definitely a book or two. I still miss it.

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