Monday, September 03, 2012

Fathers day and crafting

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday with James and Emma and a couple of James' friends, Josh and Jamie. Roast for dinner and some special cupcakes I made. My fancy icing attempt; I know, bad isn't it. Just can't keep a straight line lol. Still tasted good. I used my banana cake mixture and put in individual cups instead of in the big baking tin. Turned out great. Yum!!

Gardening - made a new garden the other day with a cute dangly banner thing to keep the birds away hopefully. It has broccoli, lettuce and silverbeet at this stage and herbs that were already there. And the markers I made from old spoons. Idea from Pinterest.

Been making molds for resin. What do you think this is, there's a hint at the top right of the photo. I'll show you tomorrow when I unmold it :)

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