Monday, August 03, 2009

Colour Me RED

To make you SMILE, I hope.
I did this last year for a photoless challenge, just thought I'd share it again since it has lots of REDNESS in it.

We are having a Colour Me Happy month on the Fiskars blog for August. Find the details here. RED is the colour of the moment. Here are some sweet red hearts for you.And I love to look on Flickr for colour inspiration. I love love love this photo. Here is a cool mosaic of lots of yummy RED goodness.

We'd love you to join in the fun, look around you for cool colour shots.



annette said...

LOVE all these pics Lianne. A great poem and layout, would look fantastic framed and on the wall :0) The hearts look great too, lollies? and the last one, so much texture and a perfect red! thanks for playing. A:0)

Dawn Stan said...

Great pics Lianne. Love the poem too.