Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh so sick

I was sick, so sick. But we got through it. I soldiered on with Codral for the whole weekend, I would have been a mess without it. I hardly had a voice, my head was throbbing, my throat was burning, but we did it. Poor Nickie was the same. Now I'm off the Codral, don't like taking anything other than Panadol usually but just had to for the weekend, and I'm letting this revolting flu work it's way out itself.
It was my nieces 21st on Friday night too and I felt so sick going up the Skytower. But what an amazing restaurant. The food was stunning and the view incredible, even though it was a bit cloudy. Love how you go right round in just under an hour I think it is. Just wished I'd felt better to appreciate it more.
So great to see people at SENZ, sorry if I wasn't very talkative and poor Yolande was so happy to see me and I felt like total crap at the very minute she came over, I was just ready to take my next Codral fix. Catch up soon I hope Yo.

So here's the fabric LO I taught at SENZ :)
And the Home CanvasBack soon with more projects I've been working on.


Penny said...

oh noes! How rotten to be sick over Senz. :(

Your projects look great!

yoie said...

you poor sausage - you did look really sick so hope that it departs quickly! Can't wait to catch up soon
good to see you though

Amanda said...

aww hope you feel better soon lianne,
fabric class looks great :D

Sonya said...

Poor you!! Lucky you dont live down our way, people are really frowning upon sick people leaving their house...most are very paranoid about catching the swine flue!! Hehe, I had a cold a while back and was told not to even THINK about going to the supermarket, I had to sneak in very quickly and quietly :-)) Hope you are feeling much better again now Lianne.

Lisa said...

Yes you do well with the way you were both feeling, thanks so much for pulling through and helping me out, much appreciated!!

Rachel said...

Hey thought that you promised the photo of us in our aprons ... i want it for my blog ... pretty pleeeese !!!