Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Can you believe she's 16 today, I can't. She had a party at home on Saturday night which went as good as a 16 year olds party can go I suppose, a couple of problems but nothing too bad. She seemed to have a good time. And tonight we are having a yummy dinner at home.
Emma is leaving school this year and going to the Cut Above Hairdressing Academy in Auckland city for 2 years. She is so excited.

Oh that's the card I made her up there.


Penny said...

Ahh... 16 eh? Great years. Happy Birthday Emma!

And good luck with the new venture - sounds exciting.

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Emma! Love the cards you have created Lianne!

Roo said...

Great card. Hope Emma ghas a great year at hairdressers college.