Monday, October 08, 2007

Well what can I say

It's been over a month since my last post (sounds like an AA meeting) and so much has happened. I am so sick of dial-up (another reason why I haven't been blogging), it just takes so long and if you try to have more than one window open it's even worse... oh how I long for Broadband where you can have more than 2 windows open and they all actually load up. But alas we can't get Broadband where I live, b.g..r it.

So what has been happening. Well we have just added 3 new members to the NZ Dare team. I'm sure you all know Vicky Gibson, Donna Meuli and Sharon Topliss. Check out the blog for their links. I know they will be incredibly inspiring and a great addition to the team. And check out the latest dare too - it's a really cool one. See my layout below.
We've also added 2 new members to the Scrap the Teenz team. Ann McLachlan and Sarah Groen. Check the blog for their links. How cool is that. All these wonderful scrappers I'm having the pleasure to scrap with so to speak. And we also have a great teen theme for you to scrap if you have teens or even if you don't, why not scrap about their MUSIC. See my layout below.

Other great news is that I made it through the first round of Last Scrapper Standing. So excited to be amongst such awesome scrappers... Hehe that always sounds funny to me - 'scrappers'. See my layout below also - we had to use 8 transparent elements on the one layout. I used 4 MME Bohemia and 4 Hambly.

What else, hhmmm, oh yeah how can I forget, I am staying on with Up2Scrap magazine as a Senior Designer, LOL, that sounds posh doesn't it. Will be great fun. I love working for Up2Scrap.
Oh and this was my Amber jack I did for that Scrapjacked dare - see post below.


Janine said...

I love your scrapping style Lianne. COngrats on staying on the Up2Scrap team!! Thas fab!! Also wanted to say thanks for being such aa neat person and leaving comments on my blog when I eneter the NO8 dares, it makes a person feel special when they go out of thier way! Alos I know how busy you are so I jsut wanted to say thanks.

Shell said...

So pleased that you're staying on the Up2Scrap team!! LOVE your work. Those transparencies are gorgeous!

Ann said...

Congrats on getting through to the next round of the comp.

It's great that you are staying on the up2 scrap team, love your work!

And thanks for the warm welcome to the scrap the teenz blog.

Vicky said...

Congrats on getting to the next round, isnt the checking the list part so scary!!! Last year i made it to round 3...weeks of fear and excitement LOL. im not so great on the overlays so decided to sit this one out...cant wait to see your next one.

Penny said...

Dial up really sucks... hopefully the developments in the communications sector will mean something GOOD for you! :)

I love those blue bottles :-)

Taniwha said...

Congratulations on staying on with Up2scrap, that's fab news :)

Also, well done on getting through to round 2 of LSS. I loved your LO but I hadn't actually put 2 & 2 together and realised I read your blog and that was your LO lol! I was totally gutted to be kicked out but am looking forward to seeing the next set of LO's from you lucky ones, good luck with it Lianne!

Lisa said...

Yep well done Lianne, looking forward to seeing more of your entries in the LSS, yeah I was gutted to Taniwha, didn't make it to the 2nd round either :(

Lisbet said...

I´m a designer at K-JOI studios and I have been looking at your welldesign and most delicate designs layouts. I really would like to see them at the gallery because they are really great. So I invite you to K-JOI and post.

If you also visit my blog I really want to link to you – but then I need you to leave a comment there. I want to add you to my blog inspiration round.

Hope to se you both at K-Joi and my blog.

Twobees said...

Gorgeous layouts, love the one with the transparencies on it, just stunning :) Congrats on the up2scrap too. great work :)

Anonymous said...

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