Thursday, July 12, 2007

It gets worse every time!! my blogging that is!

So we had Scrapcamp and wow how cool was it!! Wasn't it?? So neat to catch up even for a moment with friends and meet new ones. Thanks soooo much to all our sponsors, what would we do without them. Check Yolandes blog for all the sponsor links.
And wasn't that Chris Millar just the darlingest, loveliest person. I feel so happy to have met her. Her class was divine. And thank you so much Sara Jane for your amazing class. I just can't wait to complete and use it.
Well I've been sick ever since and finally took myself to the doctor yesterday to get some antibiotics. I think it's all psychological you know; once you know you got drugs you start to feel better straight away. I usually like to get over things without them but this one wasn't going away on it's own. The other problem was I had to work everyday ever since cause I had some days off before camp, therefore have not got round to doing this.
But I'm here at last and I also want to thank all the lovely, lovely ladies who came to camp and made it such an awesome weekend. It really makes it all worthwhile.
Thanks Michelle TW too, she is always there to lend a helping hand, and to Trina for helping me cut out hearts - yay for Fiskars demonstrators.
And last but not least to Yolande for all her hard hard work she puts in behind the scenes with all the paperwork, etc.
Will add pics later - promise!!

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