Thursday, June 21, 2007

Here I am!!!

Lots to say too.

1. Scrapcamp is only a week away. OMG I can't believe it's nearly here. SO MUCH FUN IS IN STORE FOR THAT WEEKEND
2. 'Sopranos' has started again - cool.
3. I missed 'Heroes' so much on Monday night.
4. Have been hanging out at this cool place alot lately
5. Monique has started a NZ version of Scrapjacked called Jack Me Up, and an awesome team she has too.
6. Scrap The Teenz blog is GOING OFF
7. I got me some Love Elsie today - can't wait to play
8. Have ordered a Kristina Contes kit too - can't wait to see the fun stuff she's put together for us.
9. Ooh ooh ooh and the Transformers movie is coming. HOW COOL IS THAT!! And how cool do the shorts look!! You have no idea how significant this is to me. James LOOOVED Transformers as a kid and we spent many a day playing and watching Transformers. Optimus Prime was the man. I can't wait to see the movie. James had a heap of Transformer toys that are probably tucked away in the shed somewhere.
10. NZ Dare winner is up. What a fun dare that was and look out for another cool dare tomorrow night!!

So I'm off to Yolandes this weekend to pack kits for Scrapcamp. FUN!! We will be sorting out all the final arrangements. And I'm looking forward to meeting Chris at the airport next Thursday. It's going to be one cool weekend, that's for sure!!


Jo said...

Lianne how cool is that scrap in style tv! I am all signed up for the first kit lol! Thanks for the heads up on that...Hey did you watch the Kelli Crowe episodes? I can totally relate to everything she says and she throws away layouts she doesn't like too :O)

Chris Millar said...

5 more days!!!!!!! Can't wait!