Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bad, bad weather

Windy, wet and stormy. Last night my poor dogs had to come inside they were so scared of the thunder and lightning. It's so rough at the beach, 6 metre swells, very scary looking.

Did you see my new banner??

A share in case you didn't manage to get your hands on the latest Up2Scrap, cause apparently they've all sold out. You might be lucky to find one in a stationers somewhere. Awesome mag this month.


Chris Millar said...

I saw it Lianne and I thought it was fab!!! Love it!

Sandra said...

I agree Lianne. I is a great mag this time. I love your new banner. Very kiwi :-}

Faye said...

Cool banner Lianne, just cool

scrapgeek said...

Hmm - that layout reminds me of summer - it was a few days ago wasn't it? Everything is looking very cool.

nic said...

very cool banner, I noticed last time I was here. Very cool LO too.


Penny said...

Yay - great banner :)
I admired your LO in the maggie - my Mum got a copy so I filched it.