Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's 11.30 and I haven't even had breakfast yet. I wanted to get this done for the Scrapjacked dare cause I saw the cool ones Rach and Monique did and I wanted to have a go. A 'scrapjack' of Amber Skolnick. Love her. As you can see she is already in my sidebar.

How cool was last night at the Scrapbook Outlet cyber crop having Elsie Flannigan come and join us. Wow Andrea what a cool thing to organise. I was blown away to be talking to Elsie. She is so cool to do that. I didn't do any challenges last night but they are definitely on my long to do list; esp like the sound of Yolande and Laras ones. I was also rather brain dead last night, everyone was scrapping up a storm but I just sat in front of my computer like a zombie. I did doodle on a photo though, which I will scrap. You should go look at the awesome stuff in the gallery there.
I also have my art card challenges to load up as well. I have been keeping up with those.

And theres a new recycle-it challenge at Zingboom. Fun.

And check out the NZ Dare Colour Pop challenge. Here's mine. Sponsored by CherryArte. How cool; thanks Lu.

As you know James went off to Uni last weekend. I miss him heaps already. Talk to him just about everyday and he's only an hour away. LOL.

We have been adding on to our kitchen, so that's nearly finished, just waiting on some shelves and the bench top which Rob is going to make.

James' sleepout is waiting on the gib stopper and we have a Versatile garage waiting to be delivered. It's all go I tell ya.

Then there's Emma who's started 5th form and is trying hard to be good and keep up with her school work, but sometimes it is hard with peer pressure etc. But you gotta keep letting them know you love them so much and hope for the best.

AND I have heaps of scrapping I need to and want to do. There just ain't enough hours in the day especially when the beautiful sunshine is calling me. I hate being inside on a sunny day.

I'm hungry now, must go eat.

Man it took me ages to do this post with all the links and my stupid dial-up slow job.

Happy sunny day everyone. Keep smiling. What goes around come around.


Chris Millar said...

Your layouts are both very cool Lianne!! Very funky! How cool about Elsie too!

scrapgeek said...

Love those pipecleaner swirls - very cool as always :)

Rach H said...

hey your Amberjack is way cool!!
had lots of fun last night + OMG 11.30 I dream of
plz post some pics of your extended kitchen i love seeing where ppl now that reminds me I must post some favs from around my house.
Look forward to seeing your cards - have seen some cool ones around the place! :)..........lunch is calling me + its 2.23pm

Penny said...

neat :) the crown on the lion is a cute touch :)
I like the blue/black n white layout; it was the colour mix I chose also! Whats the fibre mat thingy ?

Tracy said...

Love your lion lo Lianne and those pipecleaners are super cool!

Tracey & Adrian said...

Wow cool layouts lianne! Hope your having a great weekend!

Faye said...

This is just great Lianne. Love your take on the layout using the pipecleaner again. That's fast becoming a very cool embellishment. and who would have thought that a flower would go on a lion page. :-) Another goodie from you.

Monique also known as Meek! said...

Totally Gorgeous scrapjack layout Lianne!

Lara said...

not enough hours in my day either! Thanks for the positives in this post :-)