Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another fire

You may remember just over a year ago I blogged about a huge fire in the sand dunes on New Years Eve. Well I arrived home about 10pm last night to flashing lights, fire engines and a helicopter. I drove up thinking please not my house, please not my house, and thank goodness it wasn't. But unfortunately it was a huge fire in the sand dunes just near my place, round the corner and down a track. The helicopter went for ages emptying bucket after bucket of water on the fire. Collecting water from the river and flying back and dumping it on the fire.

Here's some photos of the aftermath today. It's so sad you know the damage it does. I know it regenerates quickly but there is a sadness about it. So many people were wandering around over there today 'visiting' the site, like someone died.


karen said...

Wow, that's devastating. And *almost* annually is a little too frequent for comfort.

Janine said...

its quite sad isn't it that someone can cause so much damage.

Monique also known as Meek! said...

Must be quite a helpless feeling watching it burn like that Lianne...thank goodness it didn't reach anyones property though.

Have just been admiring your cards for Emily's challenge cool!


Tracy said...

Sorry to hear about the fire and so close to your house too! The photo's are quite shocking. Love your art cards too!

Penny said...

So glad it wasn't your house or anyone else's house. Not a nice thing to have happen "next door".