Sunday, October 29, 2006

I know, I know ...

... I've been a slack biarch LOL. Where does the time go.
Like to say congrats to the girls on the new Scrapbooking by Design DT. Great choices there Lisa. Have seen some cool stuff from some of those girls thru the NZ Dares.

Speaking of NZ Dares you guys will have to be around next Friday night to check out something way cool and pretty damn big happening on that there blog. You will be amazed.

Scrapcamp is 3 weeks away. OMG. 3 weeks away. Very cool classes and very cool product and very cool people. I can't wait. We should have some sneak peeks ready for you soon on the Scrapcamp blog.

Nice to catch up with the girls last night Nic, Lucy, Tracy and Ruth. Few laughs, just what I needed.

Got my nails off the other day and now my nails are very thin. Is that usual. Tell me, do you get them done at a beauty salon or at one of those nail places that are popping up in all the malls these days. That's where I got mine done and I'm thinking maybe I should go to a salon next time. Yes there will be a next time, right before Scrapcamp. I actually liked them when I got used to them.

Thats all for now folks.
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Janine said...

Lianne I found my nails were not to strong before they went on and when they came off they were a little weak. I am using an OPI nail strengthener on them at the moment before I get another set put on again in two weeks time. I got mine done at a salon and to be honest the beauty therapist warned me to stay away from the places popping up in malls mainly due to the solvents they use on your nails. Each to thier own but I must say I will pass on gettting my nails done there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you sould get some bling put on them this time - in honour of scrapcamp :)