Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sorry. I've been meaning to let you all know how James got on.
Well as everyone said he had an incredibly, wonderful time. They stayed in the Marlborough Sounds for 7 days. He said it was awesome. They had beautiful, calm weather. They did so much - tramping, swimming, sailing from bay to bay, went to an awesome waterfall, games, sailed little boats, heaps of stuff. Then on Day 7 there was a window where the wind and swell dropped a bit and they headed down to Kaikoura - very rough, lots of people sick. They saw heaps of dolphins and whales up really close. Stayed there a night then down to Lyttleton where they stayed 2 nights before coming home. Yes he was absolutely fine and he had a fantastic time. Made heaps of friends. He had heaps to tell us. He was totally buzzing when he came home. Good to have him home and know he had a great time.

I'm working on another Mulberry layout - has anyone taken the challenge yet? I might try this challenge on BB. I like to doodle, LOL and I like paint - sounds like fun to me.
Or this challenge on Effers.
HEY how freaky is that - I just realised both challenges were set by Emily Falconbridge.
Plesae post here if you do any of the challenges.


Onas said...

Glad all is well and James is home safe.

I wanna do the challenge just too tired and spending way to much time on comp must leave, got to sleep!

Donna said...

The trip sounds fine. It's supposed to be a real adventure. Lucky to see dolphins & whales up close. That's my dream.
I've checked my stash & no mulberry! Strange with a daughter in the house - it was either pink or purple & nothing in between!!

Lara said...

thanks for the challenge links - will see how I get on!

I remember a 'gap' in the weather when I went on the Spirit - one of our team ended up being flown to hospital from puking so much!