Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gray family update

James is on the Spirit of New Zealand at the moment. I took him to Manukau early on Sunday morning to catch the bus to Wellington, there were others on the bus going on the Spirit too. Then they sailed on Monday. They are sailing from Wellington to Lyttleton - hope the weather's OK. He had his phone taken off him on Sunday night so that's the last we hear from him till next Wednesday. I miss him already.
Other good news for James - he's been after a part time job at Jeanery 90, a surf shop in Pukekohe, and finally found out he got it last week. He starts when he gets back from the Spirit, working Mon & Tues after school and Saturdays.
Emma's good news - she passed her Bronze for Surf Life Saving so she is now a Lifeguard. Go Emma, she has only been doing it for a few weeks too.
Netball training has started - she wasn't very happy with the team she had been put in but went along to training last night and realises it is actually a very good team. She is captain.

Thought I'd share my last For Keeps DT layout that was in Issue 39. I really enjoyed putting this page together. It was for the Under $15 section.

Do you like my new banner.
News on Scrapcamp tomorrow hopefully. :))


Michelle said...

WTG Emma, that's awsome news about her being a Lifesaver, I bet she's wraped.
James will have so much fun in the Spirit of Adventure, I wish I had done something like that when I was his age.

Rach H said...

WOW your kids are doing fantastic things!!!
I so hope our kids will be doers like yours!!!
YES very smart new banner + great LO in the FK too.
Also love that surfing LO in the other post - thats got to be one of my favs out of your 10 for me!!!
Ears are all open for scrap camp!!
ok better get ready for school

Ali Dub said...

Congrats to your kids for their sucesses - doesn't it make you so proud when they set out to achieve something and then actually achieve it? Love your banner - wish I could do something more sexy but haven't got a clue where to start.

Lynda said...

Yep, love the new banner! Wow, your kids are really doing well, I bet James has a wonderful time on the Spirit.
Can't wait to hear the details on scrap camp, I missed last year and really want to be there this year.

karen said...

Like the new banner and the $15 layout(!) -never would have thought - but more importantly ... roll out the scrapcamp news ... please!

Faye said...

Lovely layout Lianne and YES I love your new banner!! I have to learn some digi stuff so I can add dots and swirls.