Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Catchups

Emma shifted to Hamilton last week. She has a new job at a salon there called 'Hair Gallery'. She loves it and decided Hamilton is her home for now :( Super glad she loves her job and is doing well, just sad she left home again, lol.

James shifted to Mt Albert yesterday. He has scored his dream job as NZ rep for Electric. He will be travelling around alot and attending snowboarding and surfing events and heaps of really cool things, as well as stocking shops with all the cool Electric sunglasses and other products. Exciting times for him.
Might have to put an order in for some of these. Cool colour.

Samoa, here we come. We did it, finally booked a trip to Samoa. YAY!! Can't wait!!
I want to go here. To Sua Ocean Trench. Looks amazing. Might need to get fit to climb that ladder though I think.

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