Thursday, September 01, 2011

2 months ...

... since my last post. A lot has happened. I will fill you in soon, but first, today we start a new job. Rob & I are the new managers of the Port Waikato Top 10 Holiday Park. So you could say today is the start of a new life for us. And how symbolic being the first day of spring. We are very excited about this new venture.
I have updated my blog template finally. I was so scared to do it in case I lost everything, but am slowly managing to add some of the nic nacs back that I had. Will take a few days though.
Very sadly, my stepfather passed away a month ago today, 1st August. He had asbestos cancer. He had been diagnosed with it just over a year ago. It has been an incredibly sad and hard time for our family especially Mum. My heart is broken for her and him.
I have been trying to do some art lately and have managed a few things. I will have to post pictures soon. Meanwhile here is a picture of some curtains I made from old doilies and vintage hankies.
Happy Spring

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Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your step dad Lianne, I lost my natural Father a few weeks ago. He wasn't really in my life much but still a part of me gone. My sister-in-law (47) has been diagnosed with Secondary cancer to her liver and stomach, does not have much time left...very very hard for all the family. Cancer's a bastard!! Hope all is going well for you and Rob and your new venture!