Saturday, May 14, 2011

James' Graduation Day

Thurs May 12th 2011 James' Graduation - Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Sport and Leisure Studies.
Here he is wearing the beautiful family korowai (cloak) his Nanny made. The colours couldn't have been more perfect.
James & Emma, proud sister.
And very proud Mum and Dad.
Congratulations James, you worked hard and made it.


Anonymous said...

Well done Grey family! Lianne your family is gorgeous, your ideas too. Love the doily basket, I think I'll try it too, hope the 'stiffy' isnt too expensive.

Lisa said...

wow doesn't time fly? Congratulations James! He looked wonderful Lianne yes you both must be very proud!

Vivadrama said...

Lianne - the photographs of James and the korowai are lovely. If possible, I would like to ask yours and James' permission to use these images in a presentation [I am a lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of Waikato]. Can you please email me at