Saturday, June 03, 2006

Here's my blogging and scrapping friend Karen, and look at Pippi Longstocking she's so cute. Tanya you're a hard case girl - thanks for helping me feel better on Sunday.

Our gang of painters.

Gaye was covered in plasters and she was 'Plastered' as in drunk - we all laughed so she won our most humorous prize.

And the big picture - so to speak. The whole gang who attended Scrapcamp.

So that's all the group photos. Sorry I didn't get them loaded sooner.

Wow did you see my visitors counter went over 10000 yesterday. Those last few 100 went fast.


Mel said...

Great photos - especially nice to see the big group photo (I am so jealous of course, since I didn't go)!

karen said...

Hi Lianne
Thanks for loading all the group photos. We were wishing we'd got together to organise a group P theme as so many others did: what a great effort!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fab time - your P party rocked.

Ruth said...

oh look I can JUST see myself!! LOL

Dianna said...

Yay you managed to get a photo of Tash on your blog I was told no not allowed.

Chris Millar said...

Love checkin out these photos Lianne. Had to laugh, I'm looking for the few faces I knew that were going and I'm thinking "I can't find Nic" - Like you could miss her in the green!!!LOL
Lianne, your layouts are absolutely stunning girl! I hope you're going for FK ET this year!